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Business Process Management

Its a great pose given by that old man!!He is alone old not his pose!!

Chrysler Middle East

The man with a cigar is out standing!!!What a shot!!!WOW...


Ah, the top one is a classic!

Lovely crowd pictures too.


i remember seeing all those confusing and mind boggling signages...too much that it distracts the view =)


What a great place: a lot of people, great achitecture, bussiness...
Love it!


where exactly in HK was the first photo?? was it in Mongkok??

nice shots Sidney :) as always! :)

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful street shots, i would love to visit this place again.

Andrew Gould

The busy looking image with the signs and people that starts this series has a a real buzz of excitement about it. The apparent slowness of the old man against the background of the speeding vehicle is a terrific image, too. Just a few highlights that I've mentioned here, as the whole series is a delight!


Comme si on y était. Merci de nous faire voyager à si peu de frais.

Otto K.

very fine, especially the first and third ones.


Merci pour ces scènes de vie Sidney, le HK que je connaissais date des années 90, quelle évolution et pas seulement dans les constructions mais aussi dans la mode :-)


A different, but very appealing post today! I like the street images of the folks walking along. Nice variety and all well done!


Outstanding shots, Sidney !!! Love them all, but old man with cigarette is fantastic ! oh, love the last one too .. Love them all , in fact :)))


love the first shot...that panorama of competing signs is just terrific!


great shots, I would love to visit Hongkong, even more seeing your pictures


The green coat.


Très belle série sur cette ville étonnante toujours grouillante d'activités !


oh my goodness all those signs, talk about information overload!!love all the shots tho!! thanks for the bday wishes :)

joshi daniel

the first and the 3rd image of the old man is too good! life in the first picture is really great!


De superbes scènes de rue. La première est très impressionnante avec cette jungle publicitaire!


very nice street portraits, my favourite is the old man with the umbrella


Il y a foule par ici ! :-)

Claude B

De bien jolies filles ;) et toutes "branchées" ..très beaux clichés
bonne journée


Love the one of the old man, great shots!


does black coffee really help sidney? i'm itching to try.
these are wonderful shots. i always have issues with taking pictures of people knowing they're looking at me take their pictures. =/ i feel like a creep. hehe how do you manage?

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